SlimSweet™ Monk Fruit Sweetener

Size: 200g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg

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SlimSweet Monk Fruit sweetener is a great addition to your pantry, if you are trying to maintain a healthy weight without sweet deprivation.  An all natural sugar replacement, SlimSweet is an all natural sugar free  sweetener, that will reduce the sugars, carbs and calories in all your drinks and favourite recipes. Only 1 calorie per 4g serving.




Our SlimSweet™ Monk Fruit Sweetener is a natural sugar replacement, and cooks, bakes and tastes like sugar.  The natural sugar free sweetener  is delicious in cakes and sweet treats. Perfect in drinks, when you would normally reach for the sugar….try SlimSweet™ Monk Fruit natural sugar free sweetener instead!

What is Monk Fruit?

Monk fruit is a small, green gourd that resembles a melon, native to southern China and northern Thailand. The plant is cultivated for its antioxidant fruit extracts, called mogrosides, that give it the extra sweet flavour but have no calories. Used for centuries in Eastern medicine as a digestive aid, and now it is now used to sweeten everything, worldwide. Considered safe to consume by most people, it is a great alternative for people who may experience stomach upsets with other sugar alternatives.

Additional information

Weight0.2050 kg0.5005 kg1.034 kg2.034 kg
Dimentions0.016 x 0.002 x 0.023 cm0.016 x 0.005 x 0.023 cm0.021 x 0.009 x 0.031 cm0.023 x 0.009 x 0.034 cm

Erythritol, monk fruit extract (1%)