Cakes & Muffins

Cakes & Muffins

delicious sugar free recipe alternatives for a healthier lifestyle

The thought of a weekend breakfast without a muffin treat, an afternoon tea without a cookie or a celebration without a cake is not a happy thought for me.

Who doesn’t love a cake or a cookie?  From a young age most of us have been given a home baked cake or cookie from our nanna as a special treat!  In today’s world, sugar is added to so many products, it’s nice for mum or nanna to have the option to make a delicious sugar free, healthier baked treat.

I can’t imagine a world without cakes, sweet treats, or desserts.  Our recipes are scrumptious, sugar free and so that nobody misses out, most of them are gluten free. 

Because of the nutrients in our recipes, they are more satisfying, with no empty calories.