10 Tips for a Healthy Summer

10 Tips for a Healthy Summer


Summer is just around the corner and with glimpses of warmer weather in sight, I thought now would be the perfect time to share some helpful health tips for summer. Keep yourself feeling amazing with my top 10 summer health tips!

  1. Stay hydrated     –     The warmer weather tends to leave many people dehydrated. Keeping on top of your water intake in the heat is important to keep your body hydrated and you feeling your best. A lack of water can also impact on your hunger, so if you find yourself craving food more often than usual review your water intake and add in an extra glass or two to kick the hunger pangs.

2. Protect your skin     –     The sun is not the bad guy, but too much of it can be harmful. Protect your skin with a natural sun cream lotion free of any hidden nasties. Look for an organic, paraben-free product that has as few ingredients as possible.

3. Move your body     –     Just because it is warmer it doesn’t mean you should let your exercise regime fall by the way side. If you like to exercise outdoors, start earlier in the morning or wait until later in the evening to beat the heat. If the outdoors is not your thing in the warmer months, take your workout indoors and join a gym to stay active and avoid the heat.

4. Nourish your body     –     Summer means fresh produce! Take a trip to your local farmers market and stock up on plenty of colourful vegetables to keep your nutrient levels high over the summer months. Combine this with organic, lean proteins, healthy fats, and gluten free grains to ensure you have the energy to enjoy your daily summer activities!

5. Watch out for hidden sugars     –     Smoothies and sweet treats over the summer can mean lots of sugar…not good! Being aware of hidden sugars in your food, such as agave syrup, honey or rice malt syrup, is definitely important if you are wanting to stay on track with your nutrition throughout the summer. The all natural sweetener, Perfect Sweet xylitol, is a great option to replace these unwanted sugars and add that perfect sweet flavor.

6. Be prepared     –     The summer months can be a busy time. Being ready with food already prepared can be a huge help if you are on the go. Cut up fruit and vegetables stored in containers in the fridge are a healthy snack that can keep you going until your next meal. Another great idea is smoothie bags! Combine all of your favorite smoothie ingredients in a zip lock bag and freeze them. When you are looking for healthy and super-fast meal that is read in only a couple of minutes, grab one of your smoothie bags out of the freezer, empty the contents into your blender, add some water, whizz it all up and you are done!

7. Get outdoors     –     Enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer. Sunshine, fresh air and plenty of activities to help you stay active. Ride your bike around the river or along the coast, go for a walk or even a hike, swimming or even challenge a friend to a game of tennis! Not only to these activities move your body they also keep your mind healthy too!

8. Relieve stress and Switch off    –     Take time out for you and enjoy everything the summer months have to offer. Meditate, take a long walk or even write a journal. Even if it is just 10 minutes, take time to focus on you.  Put your phone down, turn your computer off and switch the TV off. Take a break from social media for a set amount of time each day…yes each day! Although technology helps us to capture life, it can also distract us from it.

9. Drink wisely      –     Summer is the time for family gatherings, parties and events. Be mindful of your alcohol intake over the festive season and into the New Year to ensure you don’t have extra work to do come January! Follow each alcoholic beverage with a glass of water to moderate your alcohol intake.

10. Practise Gratitude – You will be amazed how different your day can be! Every morning, take 5 minutes to be thankful for your life and the people who are in it.

Summer is the perfect time to stay active, enjoy the outdoors and nourish your body with delicious fresh produce! Keep my tips in mind and enjoy everything summer has to offer all while keeping yourself feeling incredible!

Stacey Rogers

Strength Coach & Nutritionist   –   Shredded Strength Institute

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