Meet Carolyn

Meet Carolyn

Meet the Sugar Free Pioneer

Author of “Sugar Free Baking” and SweetLife Australia’s founder, Carolyn Hartz, is well-known for living life to the full, and being an advocate of a natural and healthy lifestyle. Having just turned 75, Carolyn still runs her business and continues to embody healthy eating, exercise, meditation and yoga practice in her daily life, whilst empowering women and men at any age to pursue their dreams of running their own business.

In 2002, at the age of 55, Carolyn founded SweeLife Australia to share her joy of having discovered the sugar free, natural sweetener, xylitol. As Australia’s “Xylitol Lady” and known as the “Sugar Free Pioneer “, Carolyn was the first to introduce xylitol to the Australian market and has been credited with it’s steady growth in awareness and customer demand.

Largely self-taught in the world of business, and up against the mass usage of artificial sweeteners that flooded the Australian market, Carolyn built SweetLife Australia through the network of health food outlets and her online store, proving that hard work, passion and belief in her product would ultimately bring success.

A Sugar Free Change

A former airline flight attendant, model and deportment coach, Carolyn indulged her sweet tooth all through her early adult life without any apparent health issues. However, in her 40s, Carolyn was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and encouraged by her doctor to take drugs to control her blood sugar levels. Adamant that she didn’t want a life ahead tied to medication, Carolyn sought a natural alternative and discovered sugar free xylitol on a trip to the US.

The natural, sugar free sweetener, xylitol, has since become a big part of Carolyn’s life. Not only replacing white sugar, honey and other natural sweeteners, but through her company, SweetLife Australia, Carolyn has been able to impact thousands of Australians and international consumers on their road to a healthier lifestyle.

Fitness and a healthy mind, have always been an important aspect of Carolyn’s life. A state basketballer, and masters tennis player, Carolyn has represented Western Australia and her sporting clubs at top-level, continuing to practice yoga and pilates, walking and playing tennis as part of her daily lifestyle today. Proof that you’re never too old to start anything new, Carolyn only implemented regular meditation, yoga and pilates in her late 60s!

A Healthy Mind

Carolyn believes that keeping your mind active and challenged is also a secret to good health. Recently completing a Harvard University executive business certificate in Massachusetts, USA, Carolyn, who never had the opportunity to study at university, achieved this life-long dream in 2018 at the age of 70. She also completed a Certificate in Nutrition in 2016.

Seen on TV and newspapers across Australia and overseas, Carolyn’s fabulous health journey has been featured in The Today Show and The Morning Show in Australia, This Morning with Eamonn & Ruth (UK), Good Day New York (USA), Nippon Television (Japan) and countless print and online media such as New Idea,, The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and international media channels as far away as Spain and Russia!

Carolyn is proud to be helping everyday Australians on their journey to health, and through her media opportunities and speaking engagements, continues to spread the word of healthy living balanced with occasional treats, excitement, and a little wonder! If you would like to find out more, get in touch with Carolyn, or if you’re interested in having Carolyn speak to your audience about health, wellness, women in business, the secrets to a vital life, and sugar free baking, please contact our office at