15 Amazing Uses for Banana Peel!

15 Amazing Uses for Banana Peel!


Who knew these fabulous little tips for using Banana Peels.  I am always interested in anything that can keep my carbon footprint low!  Let us know if you are using any of these tips!

  1.  Polish your shoes – Use the outside of the peel to rub onto your shoes.  Wipe with a cloth.

    2. Whiten your teeth – Use the inside of the peel to rub over your teeth.  Just 2 minutes a day.

     3. Ripen avocados – Place peel into a brown paper bag with the unripe avocado and leave for 24 hrs.

     4. Keep meat tender – Place peel with inside on top of the meat, roast us usual.  Or place under the meat to roast.

     5. Reduce puffy eyes and wrinkles – cut out shapes and place with the inside of the peel against your skin.

     6. Clean Silver – rub the inside of the peel against the silver, then polish with a clean cloth.

     7. Compost and Fertilizer – bury in the dirt around your plants.

     8. Bug Spray – add peels to a bucket of water, let sit for a couple of days, then water your plants.  Helps roses resist disease.

     9. Migraine headaches –  place the whole banana skin, inside directly onto your forehead and relax.

   10. Make stir fry, chutney, vinegar and curry – more info here

   11. Heal Warts and scrapes, Remove splinters – apply a small square, flesh side directly onto your wart and cover with a bandaid.

  12. Clean plants and make leaves glossy –  rub with the fleshy side and leave.

  13. Leave a message – scrape a message into the yellow skin and leave for 1 hour….your message will blacken!

  14. Banana Tea for depression, weight loss and good sleep – simply boil the skins for 5 minutes, let sit for 2.

  15. Soothe bruises, bug bites and psoriasis – place peel, flesh side onto skin.

We got this info from a lovely little video on FaceBook and wanted to share it with you: