3 Key Nutrition Tweaks that Improve Your Health

3 Key Nutrition Tweaks that Improve Your Health


Does this sound familiar? You promised yourself that yesterday you would start a healthy eating plan but it never happened. Maybe you were trying to do too much at once and you simply got overwhelmed, or you didn’t plan it properly, hadn’t shopped to have the right ingredients in the kitchen. Instead of giving up, try making a few small tweaks to your nutrition and see if that doesn’t help.

Here are 3 simple tweaks anyone can do that will make a big difference in your health.

1. Eat bigger salads

Many people start a meal with a small salad and then pile on the calories with the main course. Why not eat a large healthy and nutritious salad instead? If you eat a big salad, you do not have a lot of room leftover for high fat foods that are not good for you.

There are many benefits to increasing your salad intake. You get a lot of fresh vegetables in your diet and that gives you extra fibre which fills you up with a great deal of important nutrients. However, take it easy on the salad dressing, and it is best to measure it out and not exceed two tablespoons. Choose dressings like Italian style instead of Ranch or French, or a favourite of mine is spritz your salad with freshly squeezed real lemon or lime and you will take in fewer calories

2. Use the dinner table for all your meals

You’ve had your dinner an hour ago, now while watching your favourite TV program you feel it’s time for that much needed salty snack, a treat for yourself after a slog of a day. You probably reach for a handful of potato crisps or salty nuts and not even realize it. But as you know, once you start it’s almost impossible to stop. Within just a few ad breaks, lo and behold you’ve an entire large bag in one setting, and that is hundreds of extra calories. That one TV treat snack has sabotaged your healthy eating plan.

Try to have one meal a day with family if you can or if you live on your own don’t just have it on your lap. If surrounded by your nearest and dearest sit at the table and talk about your day. Have fun as you share a meal together and you will eat less and enjoy it more. If you are on your own and trying to avoid the dreaded TV eating syndrome, turning to read a good book is a great alternative, or listening to your favourite music.

3. Pack your own lunch

There is only one way to control what you eat at lunch, and that means you have to pack it yourself, not only is it healthier for your body but it’s also healthier for your bank balance. Take a sandwich with a piece of fresh fruit, and if you want something sweet in your office tea or coffee, choose a low calorie 100% natural alternative to sugar like xylitol. Taking your own Perfect Sweet™ xylitol with you to work will mean you reduce the likelihood of taking sugar, when it comes to tea and coffee breaks. By quitting sugar bit by bit each day, and eating healthy options, you will start to see a difference pretty quickly.