How to Manage your Blood Sugar Levels

Manage Blood Sugar; craving carbs; insulin regulates blood sugar levels.

How to Manage your Blood Sugar Levels


Wondering how Perfect Sweet™ xylitol can help manage your blood sugar levels? Are you craving carbs and don’t know why? Do you know how Insulin regulates blood sugar levels? Knowing how your body is working is vital to maintaining your optimal health.

In 2018, 1 million Australians had type 2 diabetes and up to 500,000 people may have had type 2 diabetes without knowing it.  Type 2 Diabetes is often referred to a lifestyle disease because the causing factors have resulted from unhealthy choices including a high sugar diet and not enough exercise. Take responsibility for your health and take action today.

What Makes Blood Sugar Levels Rise

The first step to managing your blood sugar is to understand what makes blood sugar levels rise. It is fairly simple to understand at a basic level.

  • Glucose: The carbohydrates and sugars in what you eat and drink turns into glucose (sugar) in the stomach and digestive system. Glucose can then enter the bloodstream.
  • Insulin: Insulin is a hormone made in the pancreas that helps the body’s cells take up glucose from blood and lower blood sugar levels.

So it would make sense that the more sugar you are creating in your gut, the more goes into your blood thereby raising your blood sugar. Your body then needs to produce more insulin to deal with this influx of sugar . The pancreas can gradually lose the ability to produce enough insulin and you then have a problem with high blood sugar levels and the consequences associated with those high levels.

How does Xylitol help

Perfect Sweet™ xylitol is a natural sugar free alternative, that does not raise blood sugar levels, and is suitable for most people who want to reduce the amount of sugar they are consuming on a daily basis, including those with Type 2 Diabetes, where the body doesn’t produce enough insulin or the insulin it does produce doesn’t work as well as it should.  Insulin is a hormone released by the pancreas that allows your body to use sugar and convert your food to energy.  Insulin helps regulate your blood sugar levels and keeps them from getting too high (hyperglycemia) or too low (hypoglycemia).    

Perfect Sweet™ xylitol has the same sweet taste as everyday sugar but far fewer calories and importantly, a low glycaemic index (GI) of 7.  This basically means that xylitol, unlike refined and hidden sugars, doesn’t cause the sharp spike in blood glucose levels which gives you that tell-tale instant high followed by a crashing slump, that can leave you tired and irritable. Used in place of sugar 1:1, you will not notice the difference in taste.

Type 2 Diabetes is on the rise globally because of our diet and lifestyle choices and our cravings for refined carbs and sugar.  Prevention or keeping the disease at bay has meant that many people have turned to various artificial sweeteners to get their sweet fix. However, apart from the bitter after-taste these artificial sweeteners have, there are very serious concerns about the long-term health consequences of these lab made sugar alternatives.

Perfect Sweet™ xylitol is a healthy, sugar free alternative with no nasty after-taste and is perfect for tea, coffee and baking. With no effect on blood sugar levels, you may even find yourself eating a little less of the sweet things, as you will not have the cravings that sugar addiction can bring.

Anyone who thought giving up sugar meant giving up on the sweet things in life can now enjoy their favourite treats and desserts with Perfect Sweet™…..but remember everything in moderation.