Perfect Sweet™ xylitol – Sugar Substitute

Sugar Substitute' Perfect Sweet xylitol, Low Glycemic

Perfect Sweet™ xylitol – Sugar Substitute


Anyone looking for a sugar substitute will be excited to discover Perfect Sweet™ xylitol and all it has to offer. Xylitol is all-natural and has been widely used for generations as a low-calorie, low Glycemic sugar substitute. With the rising trends of obesity and diabetes, a lot of fear has been built up around consuming sugar. That’s why Perfect Sweet™ is an exciting option for millions of people around the world who are concerned about their health and well-being.

Scientific studies have shown that sugar damages DNA, contributes to diabetes and eye damage issues, and artificial sweeteners have been linked to serious long term health consequences. The end result has been than many people wondering if there is a good sugar substitute. The simple answer to this important question is, YES, in the form of xylitol. Learn more by clicking here to go to a xylitol resources page.

A Sugar Substitute That’s Actually Good for Your Health

There are many diverse reasons to consume Perfect Sweet™ xylitol. Perfect Sweet™ is not only lower in calories, it has a low glycemic ranking, has no bitter aftertaste, and has several health benefits.

Xylitol has been shown in numerous studies to reduce the bacteria that causes dental problems, and it also reduces the bacteria responsible for sinus and ear issues. If you are looking for a way to boost both your oral health and your nasal health, then Perfect Sweet™ xylitol is for you.

A Low Glycemic Ranking

Perfect Sweet™ xylitol is very low on the glycemic index with a rank of 7. Additionally, Perfect Sweet™ xylitol is absorbed more slowly than sugar and has been proven to be helpful for those suffering from metabolic syndromes. Xylitol is viewed as a safe alternative for diabetics, which has helped xylitol receive a great deal of positive attention in recent years.

Rest Assured, Xylitol is Safe

The health benefits of xylitol are indeed quite numerous. Perhaps best of all, xylitol has proven itself to be safe and effective. Studies have shown that xylitol will not harm the body even when it’s consumed in large amounts. Read about the negative effects of Xylitol on Dogs.

How can you use xylitol?

One reason that Perfect Sweet™ xylitol is such an excellent sugar substitute transcends its varied health benefits and that is its ease of use. Xylitol can be used in a wide range of recipes such as cakes, smoothies and teriyaki sauce to sweetening tea or coffee. There are even jams and chutneys containing xylitol.

Today, xylitol can be found in a wide-array of products ranging from gums and mints to toothpaste, mouth wash, highly effective xylitol nasal sprays and bake mixes. Xylitol is lower in calories than everyday sugar, tasty and it works as a much healthier replacement for artificial chemical sweeteners that offer no health benefit of any kind. Plus, it helps reduce the bacterium that rots your teeth, and may cause ear or sinus issues. Dieters and diabetics are increasingly aware of its wide range of benefits.

Perfect Sweet™ contributes enough to human health that it would be seen as a health product even if it wasn’t sweet, tasty and versatile. The search for a good sugar substitute seems to be an ongoing process, but the simple fact is that an exceptional one is already available – Perfect Sweet™ xylitol.

The Impressively Diverse Benefits of Xylitol

When most people first learn about xylitol, they are quite surprised by all the different ways that this quality all-natural sweetener can support health. All-natural xylitol has been used for decades as an alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners, and studies have shown that there is no toxicity level associated with xylitol even when a person is consuming large amounts.

What Exactly is Xylitol?

Xylitol was discovered in the late 19th century and has since become very popular. This sweetener has been widely used across Europe for years, but the rest of the world has really only begun to take notice of xylitol due to its array of health benefits. Xylitol is generally sourced from corn cobs or birch trees.  Many people prefer xylitol from the woody fibres of the corn cob, because it is more sustainable in terms of the space it takes to grow and the time until harvest.  This makes it more cost effective to produce and environmentally friendly.  Corn is already grown for food, and what was once thought of a waste, the woody fibre of the corn cob, can now be useful.  Unlike some other sugar alternatives, xylitol is 100% natural.

Offering Many Benefits to the Human Body

The benefits of xylitol are surprisingly diverse. One of the first ways that xylitol gained fame was due to its ability to reduce the bacteria known to cause cavities.

Research indicates that xylitol works in conjunction with topical fluoride for preventing cavities. A simple explanation of this is if you think of your mouth as a castle and tooth decay as an invading army; then fluoride would be who rebuilds the structure of the castle or crystalline matrix; while xylitol would be who gets rid of the invading army. First get rid of the invading army, and then repair.

Xylitol literally starves tooth decay causing bacteria when it is present in the mouth, meaning that fluoride toothpastes with xylitol, oral rinses and dental floss containing xylitol may reduce the risk of developing dental caries.

In addition to its ability to improve oral health, xylitol has also been proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria that can lead to upper respiratory problems. This is why xylitol is often used in nasal sprays. Xylitol is also popular amongst diabetics, as it is very low on the glycemic index at 7, compared to sugar, which ranks 65 on the glycemic index. Xylitol is absorbed much more slowly than sugar and does not contribute to high blood sugar levels as a result.

Extremely Safe

All of these benefits come with no health risk. Numerous studies have concluded that xylitol is completely safe, even when consumed in very high quantities. There is no known toxicity level in humans and this is, of course, in stark contrast to the consumption of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Both sugar and artificial sweeteners have been proven to harm human health. Studies have shown that sugar consumption damages DNA, and artificial sweeteners have been linked to a surprisingly long list of serious health concerns. Xylitol however, is all-natural, low in calories and has many health benefits.

Pets and Xylitol

Even though xylitol has extraordinary sinus, dental, and health benefits for humans, do not give xylitol to pets. Chocolate is a comparable example of a food that’s safe for you, but bad for your pets. Pet owners must know not to give ‘people-food’ to pets for any reason as their bodies aren’t able to metabolize it.

Who Should Use Xylitol?

The answer to this question is, “everyone!” If you want a healthy alternative to sugar or artificial sweeteners and have been looking for a low-glycemic sweetener, then you will find Perfect Sweet™ xylitol to be a fantastic option. Perhaps best of all, is the fact that all of Perfect Sweet™ benefits are all wrapped up in a tasty package. People generally like the taste of xylitol and unlike artificial sweeteners, xylitol has no bitter aftertaste. Xylitol can be used in cooking as a replacement for refined sugar and hidden sugars.