How to Avoid Diabetes Later in Life

How to Avoid Diabetes Later in Life


Type 2 diabetes is becoming a major health concern everywhere. Millions of people are suffering with this disease or developing it and have no idea that they are, but there are steps you can take to avoid this happening to you. Your weight and diabetes 2 are closely related, you can totally cut out the sugar and avoid Diabetes later in life. A healthier life is something that is totally in your hands.

If you have type 2 diabetes you are at increased risk of stroke, heart attack, blindness, limb amputation, and many other very serious health issues.

5 things you can do to help Avoid Diabetes Later in Life.

Weight and Diabetes 2

Watching your weight is much easier said than done, but it is vital. It is easy to watch your weight balloon out of control, much harder to keep it under control. Most people that get type 2 diabetes are overweight, so take the time to make permanent changes to your lifestyle right now. Even just taking a walk after a meal. Walking the dog a little further. With each passing year it becomes harder and harder to break bad eating habits and poor exercise routines.

Start with small changes and gradually incorporate them into your lifestyle. Do this as a team effort whenever possible. You might become a member of a weight loss group, in your community, at work or online. When you get a team involved, whether in person or virtual, good things happen. You receive support from others and you have accountability. That keeps you going when you want to quit.

Cut out the sugar

Insulin resistance is the main cause of type 2 diabetes, and it is a result of too much sugar intake over the years. If you are facing a future with Diabetes 2, it is time to bite the bullet and cut out the sugar. Avoid all forms of sugar and hidden sugars (including honey) and instead switch to a really great natural sugar alternative that has little effect on insulin, like xylitol. This must have product lets you quit sugar, but still enjoy your sweet treats. Perfect Sweet™ xylitol is Australia’s #1 brand, the 100% natural sugar alternative and it tastes just like sugar so for the most part, you will have all the sweetness but no nasty aftertaste that some other sweeteners like Stevia, have. More and more health practitioners everywhere are recommending xylitol. We are seeing more natural sugar replacements and SlimSweet™ Monk Fruit Sweetener is another that we use on a regular basis, with only 1 calorie per serve and no nasty aftertaste.

Get more exercise

Another important risk factor for diabetes is sedentary lifestyles. If you sit at a desk all day long, you are not burning up many calories and your body may eventually become lazy. Form the habit of taking the stairs instead of the elevator if you can. Park your car in the back of the parking area when you go places. Little steps at every opportunity add up and you eventually form good habits that become a part of you. Take an evening class, walk on the beach on a Sunday morning, there are a host of different activities that you can easily incorporate to avoid Diabetes later in life.

Quit smoking

If you smoke you have a higher risk of developing diabetes, and there is a much higher risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer, and lung disease, too.

Limit alcohol intake

When you are young it is common to overindulge in a night of drinking. However, this can become a permanent habit. Not that you are overindulging every night but regular consumption is not ideal. Alcohol is made from sugar and when you drink it, you are taking in a concentrated form of sugar that is extremely hard on the pancreas. Not only that, you raise blood sugar and insulin levels significantly. If your body has elevated insulin over a period of years, it will become used to it and the insulin will not be effective anymore. The simple solution is to be sensible with your drinking.